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Christian College

EBNESR Ministry Training School

/// Since 1998 ///
Discover the Rewards of an Accredited Degree in Biblical Theology


Advance Your Biblical Education


EBNESR exists to advance the cause of Christ in principally in Northeast Brazil but also all over Brazil and all Portuguese speaking regions and countries around the world. How we do that is we prepare ministers of the gospel by giving them the best education possible in the Bible and in how to understand and transmit the Bible to others. 


Our Teachers


Our teachers all have accredited degrees in Biblical Theology and are qualified by the Brazilian accrediting agency to teach on the college level. We have teachers with post graduates, masters and doctors degrees. We believe that due to their knowledge of God's Word, dedication to God and His ministry they are second to none.


Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
a great place to live


We are located in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil right in the middle of the Northeast region. If the Northeast Region was a separate it would be the second largest country in South America after what is left of Brazil. It would be the fourth largest economy in South America. Though little known this region is very important.


Our Graduates Serve Internationally, All Over Brazil and Especially in the Northeast 


We have had one student who served in Colombia, several in other regions of Brazil but most are in the Northeast Region. We also have a graduate who served God for four months in Mozambique. If you or your congregation would consider supporting one of these students please let us know.


Our Facilities - Vision for the Future


Over the last 21 years we have used good but rented facilities. Our development plan calls for our own first rate facility built on our property in Recife, Brazil. Plans are being made right now for that building that will meet all the criteria for a fully accredited Christian college.


Complete Your Accredited Bachelor's Degree in Bible


Any accredited degree in Brazil opens up doors of opportunity for those holding it. Many jobs are only available to those who have completed a degree in higher education irregardless of the major. As the church expands this will allow our gradutates to find good jobs in municipalities that have not heard the pure and simple gospel of Jesus and where there is no church of Christ. 

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